Have the wedding of your dreams anywhere in beautiful Greece
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Photography in Milos

Milos has many beaches of exceptional beauty. Every beach that someone is going to visit during their stay on the island, will see that it is completely different from the other and that is why it stands out, not only in the Cyclades, but throughout Greece, due to the special rocks that enclose it

Photography in Corfu

The city of Corfu is characterized by the strong Venetian element, but also by many English and French influences. It is a cosmopolitan city that exudes a sense of nobility, with the main attractions being the large Spianada Square, which is the largest square in the Balkans, the Old and New Fortress, the City Hall (San Giacomo Theater), the Canoni, the Mon Repo and the Museums. Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History.

Photographing at Lake Doxa

Lake Doxa is the exception to the classic rule that a trailer is almost always better than a movie. In contrast to the big and often boring movies that can not compete with the fast editing and the best of trailers, Lake Doxa in Mountainous Corinth surpasses in beauty even the most impressive photo, the most well-turned video.

Photography in Mani

Towers, castles, ancient cities, lake caves, and beaches. In the Peloponnese, the Mani of history and stone will enchant you. Dry, rugged landscape. Houses reminiscent of towers, stone settlements, Byzantine churches, small coves and caves shocking.

Photography in Monemvasia

The castle, the cobbled cobbled streets, the hammams, the fountains, the mansions of rich merchants, the old low arches, the arches and the dozens of Byzantine churches compose the most interesting castle city of the country, a castle that time.


Have the wedding of your dreams anywhere in beautiful Greece