Stergiou Dimitris

My career is intertwined with wedding and christening photography. My passion for fine art photography and the magic hidden in the small moments of couples is a reminder of the beauty of true feelings.

Confidence in my person as well as in my team is the greatest proof that our many years of experience, sensitivity and humor make a difference in the space, creating meaningful relationships with couples who work with us.

Our team

The team that makes up the photo studio consists of stable, experienced photographers and cameramen who have been collaborating for years. These are young children with an audience vision and aesthetics, with appetite and love for the piece they undertake.

What they said about us

Eleni Sotiropoulou
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Dimitris and his whole team are the best in the field of photography. We did not hesitate for a minute and it was our first choice from the beginning, since the first one we booked was Dimitris and based on his availability we closed the center and the church !!
Georgia Dimitreli
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Positives: Response, Professionalism, Quality, Value for money Whatever I write in a review will be a little to describe the impeccable collaboration we had with Dimitris and all his colleagues. From the first date, he completely won our trust to "cover" the happiest day of our lives!
Ioanna Pouli
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First I close the photographer and then I build the event on the dates that Dimitris can !! Professionalism, consistency, trust! Positive people with a smile that in stressful situations such as a wedding or the baptism of a baby, will relax you and will not push you!
Ioanna Oikonomou
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Certainly what we say and write in a review will not be enough to show and express the great "thank you" that we have inside us as a couple but also as special people for work, joy, peace, intimacy and confidence that you get as a team !!!
Ioanna Mpampili
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The most important team I have ever met !! This is a team with professionalism, great experience and above all humanity .. A huge thank you because our beautiful moments will become beautiful memories of a lifetime thanks to you ❤
Katia Trachani
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Excellent job. The material from our wedding is better than we expected. We were absolutely happy! We were taken over by the 2nd team. Professionals and cheerful. Thanks for all!!
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