5 tips for perfect preparation photos

  1. Choose the room that you will prepare so that it has enough natural light! this will help not only your photographer but also the other professionals who will take care of your appearance.
  2. Take care to "lighten" the space from anything unnecessary. Extra furniture, posters on the walls load the space and add information that draws attention away from the spotlight, ie you.
  3. Gather in one place all the accessories you will need on your wedding day so that the photographer has easy access without worrying about you and your family can help you in your preparation.
  4. Make sure you have your loved ones with you. A few girlfriends / friends will relax and unwind you, while they can take an active part in your bridal / groom photography
  5. Finally, trust the professional photographer you have chosen to cover your day. He is the artist and the person who will take care of your wedding memories


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