Winter Wedding-6 ideas for organizing a wedding with a winter mood.

These 6 tips will help you have a wonderful and memorable winter wedding!

1.Throw in alternative rice: Winter is a great time to check out an alternative type of rice, as dried petals seem quite appropriate for the season and you can add rice as well.

2.Add winter elements to the decoration, such as winter flowers, to create a magical atmosphere. You can also add gold ornaments, green foliage and sparkle crystals to create a magical atmosphere.

 Winter flowers:Choose flowers that are characteristic of winter, such as white flowers, anemones or orchids.

Christmas Trees:Decorate the ceremony and reception area with Christmas trees. You can decorate them with lights, crystals, ribbons and balls.

3.Choose warm colors for the wedding and reception, such as red, burgundy or gold, to add a feeling of warmth. You can combine them with white for a classic and elegant decoration.

4.Use lighting with candles and lights: Lighting sources with candles and lights give a romantic and enchanting feeling to the space. Combine different types of lighting to create spectacular spots.

Christmas lights:Hang Christmas lights in the ceremony and reception area to create a magical atmosphere.

Sparkles: they are dazzling against a really dark sky. Line up your guests and light your path to the car or your entrance to the center for the most stunning wedding photos.

5.Winter Photo Booth: Create a photo booth with winter accessories and backdrops. Your guests will love taking pictures and keeping special memories of your wedding.

6.Winter Dinner: Impress your guests with a winter menu that includes warm food and drinks, such as mulled wine, coffee or chocolate. Offer hot soups and yummy sweet treats like Christmas cookies to keep them warm.

These ideas will add a unique charm to your wedding and make the day unforgettable for you and your guests. Have fun and good preparation!


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